10 Tips For Camping In The Snow

  • 2 min read

Winter camping is such an incredible experience, but it comes as no surprise that it has its challenges as well. You simply do not want to be underprepared when it comes to sleeping, hiking, and exploring in the frigid snow. With a few months left in the winter season this year & with new year goals of exploration, we wanted to get these tips out to you. Here are 10 tips for camping in the snow:

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  1. Keep your neck warm. Hats, boots, jackets are packed in your bag but have you brought something for your neck? It can be easily forgotten, but trust us when we tell you that the wind chill will find those open spaces & it will not feel good!
  2. Take hiking poles with you. These can serve a double purpose. Not only will you need them to hike through the snow and stabilize you in ice and deep piles, but it also will come in handy when it is time to pitch your tent. Short tent pegs will not keep in deep snow, so these tall poles will be the answer you are searching for.
  3. Always allow extra time. With the unpredictable weather patterns that the snow brings, you can easily get caught in delay. Plan for extra time than you would have needed during any other season. Enjoy your experience!
  4. Bring an activity to do. Winters are notorious dark and obviously chilly. For those times when the snow is just too much and you need a break, it is always pleasant to have a book or activity with you to pass some time and take your mind off the cold.
  5. Sleep in down booties. Socks are not going to be enough. Who wants freezing feet while they are trying to rest? These will be your best friends!
  6. Keep hand heat warmers with you. These are great inside your pockets and gloves. Even the bravest of hikers know that you don’t want to be caught without them.
  7. Use the “hot water bottle” trick. Cold nights and not getting warm enough? There is a trick for warming up your sleeping bag. Boil water and put it in some type of water bottle that can handle heat. Then, put this in the bottom of your sleeping bag - it’s like a portable heater.
  8. Do your research about fires and campsites. Know before you go about what you are allowed to do, where you are allowed to pitch a tent, and your surroundings. As we said earlier, the winters are dark and the snow can be tricky to navigate.
  9. Wear your layers. With all that you have to pack, your clothing should not be taking up the most space. Wear your layers so that your bag is clear for other essentials.
  10. Don’t forget OMEALS! Cold days crave hot meals. With OMEALS, you will have a hot homestyle meal within minutes - without any hassle!

We hope you enjoy your snowy winter camping expeditions.

Where are you heading this year?