What is OMEALS?


OMEALS is a brand of ready to eat meals. We offer fresh meals that contain no preservatives, packed for on the go. Our current product line includes Homestyle Meals, Pizzas and Desserts.


What are OMEALS Homestyle Meals?

OMEALS Homestyle Meals are 8 oz. of ready to eat wholesome food. All Homestyle Meals are fully cooked and never freeze dried or dehydrated. Our meals are shelf stable, self-heating and can be eaten anytime, anywhere. Our menu offering includes options that are low and no cholesterol, low sodium, gluten free, and vegan.


Our meal pouches are nearly weightless, flexible, waterproof, and fit into any sized backpack or reduced space. Each Homestyle Meal comes with everything you need – food pouch, heating pad, and utensils. We have a state-of-the-art flameless heating process to warm up the food that only requires a couple of ounces of nonflammable liquid to activate.

What is the shelf life of OMEALS?


All our products have a best by date of 5 years, we guarantee freshness. The desserts and pizzas, have a best by date of 3 years, we guarantee freshness. Store in a cool dry place.


What if you lost your heating pad, and want to heat up your food?


OMEALS is safe to eat at room temperature, the food is already cooked. If you lost your heating pad, remove the food from the foil pouch and place in a microwave safe plate or bowl. Heat until desired temperature. You can also place the food pouch indirectly over a fire.


What is preparation time?


Preparation time is about 3-5 minutes per serving, or until your desired temperature. Please note that altitude and temperature will affect the preparation time.


How does the food stay fresh in the pouch?


The food pouches are put through a retort sterilization process in a chamber at very high pressure and temperature. The food pouches are then shelf stable due to this process. The ultimate result is a fresh meal that can be stored for a long period of time and still taste fresh once eaten.


Are there any preservatives or MSG used?


There are no preservatives or MSG used in any OMEALS products.


Can OMEALS be eaten without using the heater?


All our entrees are fully cooked and can be eaten straight out of the pack without being heated.


How much do OMEALS weigh?


10.4 oz. for each Homestyle Meal
6.2 oz. for the Pizza
4.2 oz. and 6 ounces for the desserts


What are the ideal conditions to store OMEALS?


Room Temperature is always considered the ideal for storing, however OMEALS can be taken to any outdoor activity and withstand the cold or hot temperatures and will not affect the freshness of the meal.


Is OMEALS okay for people with: diabetes/high cholesterol/ dietary restrictions?


All our packaging includes the nutritional facts and ingredients in our meals.


Are there Gluten Free/Vegetarian/Vegan meals?


Some of our products do not have gluten and are made with gluten free ingredients. We have vegetarian and vegan options.


Who is OMEALS ideal for?


OMEALS is ideal for any outdoor activity, emergency preparedness or for on the go. If you partake in any outdoor activity such as hiking, biking, trekking, camping, walking, fishing, outdoor adventures and more, OMEALS is the perfect companion to get that fresh meal wherever.


Can I eat OMEALS at home? In the car if stuck in traffic?


You can have OMEALS anywhere, any time.


What do I do if the heater does not work?


Make sure to give it ample time for the heater to activate. Usually, the heater activiates right away, however altitude and temperature will delay the heater reaction time. Contact us


What is the US and International Shipping Policy?


We ship anywhere in the world that accepts packages from the USA.


What happens if the food surpasses the shelf life and has not been used?


All products are marked with their best buy date.


Where do your ingredients come from?


All products and ingredients are made in the USA