A Customer Review: GATDAILY

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As a company and product geared toward the everyday consumer, we are thrilled when we get to see reviews from those who have tried our meals. Here at OMEALS, we have worked tirelessly to provide you with a meal that is convenient, tasty, and nutritious and we love to get to see you try it for yourself. We often make big claims, but that is because we truly believe that we can stand by them. Never dehydrated, fully cooked, easy to heat up (in one contained package!) are just some of our pillars. Thank you so much to Dr. LateBloomer who posted a great review of OMEALS with plenty of details on her experience with our Lentils with Beef meal. Go ahead and check out the review for yourself on GATDAILY. We appreciate the way that Dr. LateBloomer broke down each and every part of our meals and how it worked for her. We cannot wait to see how they assist you on your adventures! If you are interested in comparing meals, or seeing the ingredients and calorie count/nutrition details of each individual meal, you can do so by exploring the meal here in our shop section or learn more in our NUTRITION category. If you have any further questions about how OMEALS work, feel free to reach out to us on our social channels or email us so we can assist you from there!
Thank you again, Dr. LateBloomer and GATDAILY!
A Customer Review: GATDAILY