Fire Ban? No Problem!

  • 2 min read
Getting a hot meal, off-the-grid, used to mean dangerous fires & lots if equipment - but that's no longer the case! With so many areas having to put a fire-ban in place, it has become increasingly harder to get your heated meal on the trails or in the parks - until OMEALS. It is vital to know before you go if a fire ban is in place so that you can plan your adventure accordingly. Why would there be a fire ban? How do you know if one is active? What can you do instead?
No Fire Needed Meals
These are all questions to take into consideration as you prep for your excursion. There are many reasons why a fire ban could be in place including; dry air or high winds, too frequent fires in the area, and the current quality of the air. According to, "There are many benefits to following the rules, including supporting the community, protecting health, meeting air quality standards and minimizing environmental impact." As outdoor enthusiasts, we all want to do what's best, but that leads to the next question: what will I eat? Many hikers & campers are used to wood fires & stoves to heat up either canned food or dehydrated meals, so what is the option when there is a fire ban in place? This is where OMEALS comes in. Our self-heating meals do not require any flame or electricity, meaning they won't cause fire and are safe during an all out ban. There is no need to sacrifice a good 'ol comfort meal on that camping trip - and even hot desserts aren't off the table when it comes to OMEALS. The convenience is a major selling point for our meals but their safety is another. You can have your choice of chicken, beef, pasta, oatmeal, & so many more flavors. Keep OMEALS on hand for those days when you cannot make a fire or simply don't want to go through the hassle. We know that you will love how fast, easy, and delicious our self-heating meals are.