How Our Facilities Are Handling COVID-19 Safety Concerns

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Letter from Saul Mishkin – President/CEO, NEX-XOS WORLDWIDE LLC

During this COVID-19 pandemic, our number one concern as a company is to warrant a safe and healthy environment for everyone who dedicates their time and energy to NEX-XOS & OMEALS. As we cross through this challenging time, its important for us to keep all our customers, partners, suppliers, and employees informed on how we are taking all the necessary measures and precautions. Once again, our main goal is to keep our employees healthy and our facilities running safe throughout the length of this virus and thereafter. In order to continue the supply of all our critical and standard products to vital Government agencies, Humanitarian organizations, and commercial customers around the world, it is essential that we are doing our best to keep everyone's spirits high as well as physically protected.

How Our Facilities Are Handling COVID-19 Safety Concerns

In addition to our everyday Food Safety principles and practices that we have always kept, there are additional measures implemented that are going above and beyond all the guidelines of all the Federal and State Authorities. Our mission is to mitigate and control the effects of this virus outbreak in our workplace. Our efforts have resulted in an ongoing open business that has never stopped operating and a team who are healthy and safe since the very beginning of this Pandemic.

With all the uncertainties ahead, now is the time to come together and work as a team. We are no strangers to crisis, as we have assisted with disasters and emergency relief since our conception and we understand deeply the hard choices that everyone has to make during these times. We are disheartened to know how much of a toll this virus has taken on our community, country, and the world as a whole and that is why we are dedicated to doing our part.

We are wishing you nothing but health and happiness as we all work together through this coronavirus pandemic in our country and communities.