MRE Meals - Why Do They Cost So Much

  • 3 min read
Preparing for a disaster often means ensuring you will have a stable supply of food. This is going to mean that you are going to look at some of the MRE meals that you can buy on the open market. The problem is they can be expensive at times and this often leaves you wondering why does something that carries all the nutrition you need and a drink cost so much money. After all, it is just food that you are going to be getting here and it is not like you are going to a Michelin rated restaurant. We thought the same thing and decided it was time to explore why this is holding true, even in the modern world where everything you buy seems to be so cheap.

Quality Of The Ingredients

Yes, the food you are getting is going to come from quality ingredients. While you may not think about this, you need to realize the quality of the ingredients is quite high. So you do not have to be concerned about what you are eating not providing you with a well-rounded meal. Instead, you will find the ingredients are typically the freshest you can find on the market and they are not going to skimp on them either. The reason the ingredients have to be fresh and good quality is so they can last. Yes, some of the older meals used to use seconds from the fruits, but this is not the case all the time anymore. In fact, the meals that were using seconds tended not to provide the same type of nutritional content over time and this meant that people were not getting everything they needed to have from the meals and could be seen as being nutrient deficient.

Different Meal Selections

While you may think that all you are going to get is some dried up beef with instant potatoes this is not the case anymore. In fact, a lot of these meals are going to have a variety of options for you to select from. So you do not have to be concerned about getting the same meal each time. However, what else is really nice about this product is the fact the meals are going to have a good taste as well. So you are no longer going to have to have a meal that tastes like cardboard or even worse taste like what you left behind in the toilet that morning.

Taste Profile Is Amazing

If you have been in the military before you may think these are the best meal going because that is all you had out on the front. However, that is because you only had these to eat and it really was not going to be what you wanted to have. However, what you need to realize is the fact these meals have started to develop an amazing taste profile. This profile is going to be something that will make your taste buds want to have more of the meal each time, but also going to guarantee your taste buds are going to enjoy the food. Instead, of the older meals that you were getting that you could barely chew and would want to get back to the dirt right away because it had a tendency to taste better.

Ease Of Making These Meals

Yes, the ease of making these meals is one of the factors that has led to them going up in price. While it may seem like it would be going to take the price down, it actually takes the price up quite a bit. So you will have to be concerned about the meals price being impacted by the ease of making the meals. You have to realize it takes a lot of work to get the meals to the point they are easily prepared and this is what makes the meals more expensive than what you would imagine. Being able to survive a disaster can be a good thing. However, what you need to realize is one of the key things that will fall by the wayside is the cost of the food once a disaster has struck. This is when you should know why the MRE meals cost so much money. By knowing about why these cost so much money you will not mind getting them, but also know the price is what you are paying for in return for a good quality product. Then you can have a meal that you are going to have a chance to enjoy and know it is going to provide you with the nutrition that a completely balanced meal will provide you. However, you will also know this is not going to take a lot of time to complete the prep work for.