Purchasing MRE Meals The Right Way

  • 3 min read
Just like it is when purchasing any other product, thorough research should precede purchasing Meals Ready to Eat. If only to protect your health, you should go the extra mile to ensure that the MREs you purchase are safe to consume. MREGiant.com is a reseller of commercially-packed MRE for civilian use. The family-run business has been operating for almost the decade. We, therefore, have ample experience in dealing with the sale of MREs. We have the required infrastructure too. We have a purpose-designed warehouse in Florida where we receive the MRE products, store and process them for shipping. Furthermore, we purchase the MREs from the same companies that supply the U.S military with its MREs, including Eversafe, Wornick, and XMRE. The combination of these operational factors makes us one of the best sellers of MRE products. Why You Should Desist From Purchasing MREs From Just Any Vendor The internet is awash with vendors claiming to be specialized MRE retailers. Browsing eBay, Craigslist or Amazon you will get the idea that vending MREs is an enterprise that any run-of-the-mill vendor can set up. After all, they are selling their product at very low pricing, and since it is a business, they a making a profit while at it. However, this could not be further from the truth. What many of these vendors will not tell their customers is the condition of their MREs. Some of these vendors purchase MRE products designated for destruction owing to being past their recommended shelf life. Others still do not take the necessary investment in storage facilities for the products. This may lower the overhead cost, but it also lowers the quality of their products. Thus their customers may be getting low-quality MREs or even MREs unfit for human consumption. Finally, there are vendors that sell stolen government-issued MRE. Reselling government MREs is strictly forbidden and a serious crime at that. Factors To Look Out For Having determined that not all MRE vendor are genuine, we will look at some of the elements that you can use to determine whether or not a vendor is running a genuine enterprise. #1. The Presence Or Absence Of Production Date And The Shelf life Genuine MREs should have clearly indicated production dates and the expected shelf life of the product. You should opt to purchase MRE products that have this information clearly stated. Additionally, the writings should not appear tampered. At MREGiant.com, we publish the production date along with the expected shelf life of each product. Additionally, every product is stored in our warehouse in low-temperature and under known condition to maintain the integrity of the products. #2. Availability Of Product Details You should make sure that you only deal with an enterprise that is willing and ready to provide details about their products. With this in mind, you should seek information about the producer, the storage condition that the product is stored in, and any other information that you deem relevant. If the vendor does not provide straight answers, that are satisfactory, the chances are that they are operating a scummy enterprise. At MREGiant.com, we are always willing and ready to answer any query that our customers may have. Additionally, we actively encourage our customers to contact our customer care team to seek the answers that they need. #3. The Diversity Of Products The Vendor Is selling A genuine MRE vendor would have a wide variety of MRE products for their customers. The genuine vendor ideally does not stock just one particular product. Additionally, the prices the products should be appropriate. Cheap is not always better. For instance, at MREGiant.com, we have full meal cases side dishes, individual entrees, spreads, and drink powders. This means we have every item that our customer needs for disaster preparedness.