Save A Park With One Less Spark

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In 2018, 89% of forest fires were caused by humans (Source: When we think about that statistic, we know that we can do better. The United States is home to 700 million acres of forest land. These beautiful areas are home to incredible wildlife, the focus of many excursions by nature enthusiasts, and breathtaking camping and hiking spots. As a team of outdoor lovers, it's important for us to create and use a product that allows you maximum convenience, but doesn't cause risk to the environment. Wildfires can be prevented & here at OMEALS if there is anything that we can do to help initiate change and awareness, then we are here to do so. Even the smallest and most unsuspecting of flames or sparks can cause something disastrous. Many sparks are started by just a hiker heating up his morning coffee or turning on his jet boil to make some dinner before closing out a long day trekking through the woods. For the most part, there isn't intention to start a forest fire, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't happen - and quickly at that! Before you know it, your small spark can start spreading faster than you imagined and unfortunately, that's exactly how many of these devastating fires start.
Save A Park With One Less Spark OMEALS
With OMEALS Flameless Heater Technology, you won't ever have to worry about a spark, or starting a fire, or bringing a lighter along with you. All you need is 3-5 ounces of non-flammable liquid and your OMEALS pack. No stove need. No fuel needed. No fire needed. This is a safe way to get that hot meal that you desire - without the risk. Plus, there is nothing as convenient to get you a truly delicious hot meal in just minutes. Open your bag, remove and replace the heating element, add your liquid, seal, & there you have it - a fully cooked, never freeze dried, hearty meal for your adventure. Don't forget to collect your trash and dispose of it properly as well. Let's keep our forests safe, clean, and beautiful for decades to come! Smokey the Bear says it best with his 5 rules for preventing forest fires: 1. Only you can prevent wildfires 2. Always be careful with fire 3. Never play with matches or lighters 4. Always watch your campfire 5. Make sure your campfire is completely out before leaving it When you take OMEALS on your adventures, you can eliminate the need for many uses of fire, thus leading to less chance of something dangerous happening. We call that a win-win!