Survival Tips We Can Take Into 2021

  • 2 min read

2020 has been filled with a lot of ups and downs. Along the way we’ve learned many lessons, some the hard way, and some that will prove to be useful in the future. Here are several lessons we can take with us into 2021.

Survival Tips We Can Take Into 2021

The first survival tip is to have an emergency fund. Even if you aren’t able to save a lot of money each month, it is incredibly important to set aside some money each month towards an emergency fund. You can then use this fund if you find yourself in an emergency situation, an unexpected job loss or needing to make unexpected purchases. Conventional wisdom suggests saving up 3-6 months living expenses and this is an excellent starting goal for your emergency fund.

Another survival tip is to stock up on supplies like water, toilet paper and vitamins. Unfortunately, it is difficult to predict what won’t be available in an emergency, so it is wise to stock up on an assortment of essentials. If you don’t have the space to create a stockpile at least consider always replacing an item at home as soon as you open a new one. This way you always have at least a reasonable supply on hand.

It would also be prudent to have food stored up in case of an emergency. You should consider stocking up on non-perishable food items with a long lasting shelf life, like OMEALS. Add it to your yearly routine to check on what food you have stocked up and the expiration dates of these items. Having food stored up gives you a safety net in an emergency situation when you are unable to access grocery stores.

Finally, an incredibly important survival tip is to have a plan and know your community. Take the time to think through different emergency scenarios and have a plan in place should any of those things happen. Know who your safe community will be in a time of crisis and collaborate on plans. If you have three or four neighbors you can work with then you can divide up tasks in preparation for an emergency. You can also help each other prepare by storing different items and working together to ensure you are prepared for a variety of scenarios.

There will be many people who look back on 2020 with many painful memories. Hopefully this year has also served as an opportunity to learn some valuable lessons and we are able to take these survival tips into 2021.