Team OMEALS Spotlight: Rex Del Rey

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Learning more about the individuals that use and love our meals is one of the main things that keeps us going! Knowing that we get ti be a small part to your everyday adventures and incredible lifestyles makes us proud. Interesting entrepreneurs and travel enthusiasts, like our friend Rex, are always inspiring us to go new destinations and try new things! Get to know Rex a little more:

Team OMEALS Spotlight Rex Del Rey

1. Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve been fishing and filming since 2012. My quest for fresh fishing content lead me to travel to new places and allowed me to meet some amazing and interesting people. Ever since, I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a living doing things I love. So I started a few outdoor brands, bought a van and now I’m on the road 6 months out of the year living and working remotely. I attend trade shows, events and fish and film along the way. I invented the @ActionHat, a floating GoPro hat mount that lets you film hands-free on and off the water. I also started @FishFRSH and @LIVELIVENOW and create fresh fishing and outdoor apparel, hats and decals.

2. How did you hear about OMEALS & why did it interest you?

A good friend offered me OMEALS, out on a rough day on the water. Having a hot meal immediately lifted my spirits and reenergized me. It was a welcome break from the standard bars and snacks I normally take with me on trips.

3. How have you incorporated OMEALS into your life & adventures?

Living out of a van, generally means having limited access to electricity, let alone a refrigerator or a stove. Sure I can get by on canned foods and sandwiches, but eating a hot OMEALS is a quick and easy substitute when I can’t cook something up for myself. There are always a few packs of OMEALS in my van and in my tackle bag, its super comforting to know I have a hot meal ready-to-roll, so I can keep on keeping on.

4. What's your favorite flavor?

Turkey Chili is always hits the spot. May it’s the Texan in me.

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