These Three Uses Of MRE's Will Surprise You

  • 3 min read
MRE's were originally created for military use and most commonly are thought useful for emergencies or field rations for soldiers. While that was the intent for their creation, you'll likely find it surprising how innovative civilians are putting them to use. It is not difficult to understand how or why many would find other uses for these easily portable meals that remain unspoiled under rugged conditions. These hot meals contain nutrition and significant amounts of calories all in an easily carried pack. After reading further, many of you will certainly rethink the value and usefulness of these type of portable meals. 1. MRE's For Outdoor Activities Like Hiking And Climbing For at least a few decades the most common food brought along with professional climbers and hikers were energy bars, a couple of salty snacks and maybe some sports drinks with electrolytes. These are portable and they can supply added energy needed for the outdoor athlete. If you are burning calories at a high rate and your hike or climb is significant, it is very possible that the energy bars and snacks are simply not enough to replace the tremendous amounts of calories you are burning. A study done by a prestigious University demonstrated that rock climbing burns calories at a similar rate as running a 10-minute mile, and depending on the height of the climb may result in a comparison of several miles at that speed. It was easily recognized that a meal with more nutrition and calories would result in an increase in performance, so some athletes changed from granola to MRE's. Many athletes concluded that since the military had already found that these food packs could increase the ability of soldiers to go farther and fight harder because their bodies were better fueled with nutrition and calories, then it makes sense it would do the same for athletes hiking the backcountry. 2. MRE's Used For Field Work For A Paleontologist These food packs are sealed to protect them against pests, they are impact resistant and waterproof. Those facts were said to make them ideal for field work according to Thomas Lang, a leading Paleontologist. Mr. Lang finds himself and his staff working in field conditions that make the use of MRE's a highly useful source of nutrition and energy. His search for nannoplankton takes him to places where bringing lots of regular food would prove difficult. The Cretaceous period saw a great rise and fall in sea levels and this lead to the death of algae. The nannofossils have proven to have a great shelf life. Mr. Langs expeditions are fueled by these food packs. 3. MRE's For Car Emergencies Such As Traffic Jams While preppers preparing for the end of the world might think of stacking a lot of MRE's in their basement on the chance the unthinkable happens, most wouldn't think of keeping them in the car for emergencies. The fact is the more and more cities are experiencing routine traffic jams that can keep drivers stuck for hours at a time. Congestion, car accidents and unpredictable weather are all causes of these car jams. What do you do in such a situation? You can't leave your car, and yet you could be stuck in one place for hours on end. These situations are often very stressful and many find that hungry combined with stress can cause irrational anger and reduce your ability to rationalize. One driver who typically has a daily commute that last 2 to 3 hours says he keeps MRE's in the car for such occasions. This driver expressed that the breakfast entree was especially good for him when stuck in early morning traffic. It is unlikely that MRE's could stop road rage, but they are certainly something you'll be glad you have should you find yourself hungry while stuck in traffic for hours.