What Foods Should You Stock Up On In Case Of Emergency?

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It’s true - no one wants to think of the worst, but in order to plan for the best of times, you also need to prepare for the hard times. Being prepared for any type of emergency or natural disaster is one of the bets decisions that you can make. There is countless information online about ways to be a “prepper” from having bunkers to starting your own self sufficient home, but when it comes down to the likelihood of what will be necessary if and when something does take place, nutritious food comes in at the top of the list! Having proper meals stocked up will be beneficial if there are shortages or food is contaminated in your area. Which foods should you be focusing on stocking up on in case of an emergency, though?

What Foods Should You Stock Up On In Case Of Emergency OMEALS

Tradition tells us to keep canned foods in our cabinets and garages for those times when we may need them, but did you know that canned food has been proven to corrode over time? Although the date on the can may put you in the clear, the acids from the inside of the food can actually begin to tear away and rust the can, leaving your food contaminated without you even realizing it. Canned foods are not the safest way to keep and store foods. In fact, many types of products have not been properly sealed to last on a shelf for extended periods of time. OMEALS, however, have been created with you and your needs in mind. Our meals are shelf stable for up to 5 years - meaning that if you store them in a cool, dry place, they will be safe to eat when the time comes that you may need them! Also, OMEALS do not require any outside energy or fire, so no need to worry about if the power is out or you have no more gas or lighters. Everything you need is right in the bag, and all it takes is 3-5 oz of any liquid (it doesn’t even need to be clean liquid!)

OMEALS are the only self heating, full cooked, and never dehydrated meals on the market. We stand by our promises to be there for you in times of adventure and in times of trouble. Are you planning on creating resources in case of an emergency at your home or office? Start with OMEALS so that you can be sure you have nutritious and safe food for everyone to enjoy.