Why We Do What We Do

  • 1 min read
OMEALS MEALS It’s a complex question, but with a relatively simple answer. Why does OMEALS exist & why do we do what we do? In short: for you! Life is full of adventures & we are continually inspired by your love of nature and exploration. Just like you, we are passionate about the time spent doing whatever it is that makes us feel alive. OMEALS exists for the everyday adventurer and for the experienced athlete. We want to be the meal that offers you delicious food, as conveniently as possible. Plan that hike. Organize that kayak. Fuel up that truck. Pack that backpack. Food shouldn’t take up all the space in your pack or in your mind! The nourishment you need for your whole trip can be as easy as a handful of OMEALS. We exist to provide our community with the best food possible. That means only adding real, wholesome ingredients – without the preservatives – that tastes incredible! You need proper nutrition on your many journeys, but we believe it should be quick, self-contained, and easy to enjoy a hot meal – wherever you may be. At the end of the day, our desire is to make a meal that allows you to DO what YOU DO. OMEALS was created to give us all a way to enjoy our breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert on the go, with nothing needed but some nonflammable liquid. We want you to take the risk, enjoy your family time, or crush your goals without worrying about what to eat. Let us cover that!