Why You Should Start A Stockpile For Emergencies

  • 2 min read
OMEALS Self Heating Meals For Emergencies

While many of us may have been aspiring minimalists and some of us laughed at the idea of “prepping” - there were many of us that knew the need for having a special stockpile of essentials for emergencies. As we always say, we never wish for a time when a tragedy, natural disaster, or pandemic come and hit us close to home, but the hard truth is that they do happen & as we are seeing now, they can happen rather quickly! Being prepared is not about being panicked or hoarding, quite the opposite actually. Being prepared in case of an emergency is about being smart, responsible, and ready for whatever may come our way. Not only will you be prepared at home with your family, but then you can help alleviate the need for those who may be hurting around you.

Have you been following the mad rush at the stores? Shelves are empty of canned goods and toilet paper and people are starting to worry that they won’t have what they need. This is exactly why we are always encouraging a sense of eagerness to have a stockpile ready for any occasion. Although you may not have everything you could ever want or need, you won’t be waiting in line for hours and paying an arm and a leg for canned goods when the crisis hits.

OMEALS are a great prepping food because they can be stored for up to 5 years and keep their nutritional value, safety standards, and delicious taste. We love to see our meals in your safe spaces for times of need. The whole family will love them, but on top of that, they can be heated up without the need for electricity or any outside flame. In a world where we don’t ever know what is next, having necessities in a safe, cool, dry spot is a great way to feel comfortable and calm when everyone around you is in chaos.