10 Socially Distanced Adventure Ideas

  • 2 min read

If you feel like you’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to stay entertained in your house this year, that’s because you have! If you’ve reached a point where you have run out of TV shows to binge watch and aren’t ready to sit down for another board game, here is a list of 10 socially distanced adventure ideas.

10 Socially Distanced Adventure Ideas

Stand-up paddle boarding. It’s easy to stay socially distanced when each person is on their own paddle board out in a bay, lake, river or ocean. Most boards are designed for just one person so the social distancing is built right into this activity.

Hiking. Lace up your hiking boots and head out to a local trail for a socially distanced hike. Most trailheads have signs reminding you to stay socially distanced from other groups. This adventure is even easier if you pick a lesser-used trail to hike.

Drive-in movie theatres. Research any local drive-in movie theater options near you for a movie going experience. Even if you don’t have a drive-in theater nearby there are other places that have set up temporary drive-in movie theater experiences.

Photo scavenger hunt. You can still have a fun adventure competing against other families with a photo scavenger hunt. You can include things on your list like a picture with the sign welcoming people to your town, a picture in front of the local fire station, or a picture at a local outdoor art installation.

State and Regional Parks. While some National Parks are a bit busier, and therefore more difficult to enjoy in a socially distanced way, many of the State and Regional Parks are not nearly as busy.

City website. Head over to your city’s website and see what virtual, drive-in, or other socially distanced events they are offering. Many local municipalities are offering drive-through events that allow you to have a socially distanced adventure.

Try new food. Use this time to get adventurous and try new restaurants and types of food. Use this time to research new options, order food to go and enjoy a picnic with your new food.

Local BINGO board. Put together a board of various local activities and then try to complete a whole row of activities...either horizontal, diagonal or vertical. Bonus: Go for a BINGO blackout!

Solo Sports. Use this season to try a new sport with social distancing built in...golf, tennis, pickleball.

Murals. Many cities have outdoor murals installed in their cities. Set out to see how many you can find and take a picture with each one.

Even if you aren’t able to resume your regularly planned adventures, enjoy these 10 socially distanced adventure ideas!