Tips On Consolidating Your OMEALS

  • 2 min read

OMEALS are a great option for so many different areas of life. For the weekend adventurer to the athlete, and the prepper to the outdoor enthusiast, we know that OMEALS make a great companion to your very many facets. In fact, we are quite versatile and we have carefully designed our meals and their packaging to be able to accommodate our fans and friends for a variety of needs. Did you know that you can consolidate your OMEALS? Did you know that you could re-use your bag for future meals? Here’s a few tips on consolidating your OMEALS:

Tips On Consolidating Your OMEALS

1. Carry multiple OMEALS food pouches in one bag. 

If you are familiar with our packaging, then you know that our outer bag where you add your preferred liquid contains a sealed pouch of food inside. One hack that many of our hikers and backpackers have taken up is to open a few of your favorite meal bags, remove the heating packs and food pouches, and store them all in just ONE bag. This saves you room in your backpack and can help consolidate all your meals in one spot. 

But, how will you heat them up at different times? This is a common question we get asked as well. You can actually re-use that bag up to 30 times! This means that you can carry less and have less waste to bring back with you by simply combining all your meals for your trip into one OMEALS bag. You will need a new heating pack each time you are ready to steam, so be sure to bring those along as well. 

2. Re-use your packaging for heating up other foods & drinks! 

Not only can you re-use your bag to heat up OMEALS, but we have seen some very creative friends use their bag to heat up everything from coffee to hard boiled eggs! Simply keep your water steaming when your OMEALS is done and ready, and add in whatever else you would like. That liquid will stay hot and steamy for quite some time! 

3. Bring extra ingredients to make even heartier meals. 

Speaking of being multi-purposeful, we really enjoy bringing extra ingredients along with our meals - like rice, tortillas, or quinoa, to even elevate a meal even more!

We are passionate about making your adventures as customizable as possible! When it comes to making our meals work for you, we have thought of it all. With the quickest and most convenient (& delicious) outdoor meal on the market, we want to be sure that you can enjoy OMEALS from anywhere and everywhere!