Adventurous Things To Do This Summer

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Adventure runs through our veins & as an OMEALS customer and friend, we know that you feel it too! It’s a great time to start planning ways to get your spirit filled with wanderlust and exploration. Although this time of year may have it’s challenges with the current pandemic situation, there are still countless ways to express your travel side and make memories that will last a lifetime. With the help of our meals, we know that any day can feel special and unique. Here are some of the ideas that our team has come up with to make the most of this summer season!

Adventurous Things To Do This Summer with OMEALS

With more and more opening each day, the ability to get out and be one with nature is a reality once again. We encourage everyone to be safe and have wisdom when making choices on activities, but the ability to get outside and explore is one that we are personally excited about getting to partake in! One great way to enjoy the season is to head to a local farm or orchard and pick your own fruit. There are strawberry and apple and peach and orange farms, and so many more. The whole family will love grabbing a basket and packing it full with your favorite sweet fruit as you plan what you will make with it at home! Check out your local agriculture to see what is harvested near you.

Another great idea for some summertime fun is to hike a brand new spot. Sure, we may not be comfortable traveling across the world, but some of us still have bucket list spots on our list that are within driving distance to us! Now is the time to make those dreams a reality. Find a new spot that you have been thinking of hiking, pack your backpack full of your favorite OMEALS for your hiking buddies, and hit the trail.

We love a good challenge around here & we think that this summer is a great time to learn a new skill. Whether that be fly fishing, cycling, or rollerblading, we encourage you to try something new and give it a bold chance! You never know when you will find your next passion.

What is on your summer time bucket list this year?