Meat Shortages & Spikes In Prices: What Should You Be Doing?

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The unexpected can certainly happen at any time & during this pandemic, especially, that statement has been proven to be true. It can sometimes be hard to believe what is going on around us & the reality is setting in that we may not have been as prepared as a society as we would have hoped. At OMEALS, we have always encouraged our customers and friends to be prepared, to stay stocked up on meals for those emergency situations, and to be ready for any adventure that comes their way. We know that this time of social distancing has brought about so many hardships and uncertainties, including the rising costs of meat, the shortages around our country, and the limitations on buying in bulk.

Meat Shortages & Spikes In Prices: What Should You Be Doing?

Have you encountered these issues yet? Chances are that you have been out of meat at your local store, or told that you were only able to buy one package per family. These are the types of issues that leave people wishing they had other options. Our meals are perfect for the unexpected - whether that be the good or the bad. We absolutely love to be with you for those special memories, vacations, and exotic locations, but we are also realists and know that the hard times are sometimes when we are needed even more.

Meat shortages in our country have been wide swept. They have hit just about every state and impacted almost every buyer. In fact, as the meat has started to come back into the marketplace, the costs are starting to soar and become outrageous - such as what is happening with beef right about now. With OMEALS, you can rely on our longevity and our nutritional value to get you through. Staying stocked up with OMEALS meals is a great choice because we are made of real food with no added preservatives, we can last on our shelf for 5 years on average, and are easy to heat up and serve - without the need for any other supplies! As you can see, we are vital to your prepping and emergency kit for so many reasons, but right about now is a perfect example.

It has been a difficult time for so many, and our heart as a company goes out to all of those affected by this virus and the circumstances surrounding, and we hope that our meals can help to be a sense of peace. Knowing your family has enough good food stored is priceless.