Don't Forget THIS On Your Next Fishing Trip

  • 2 min read

As more & more people start to venture out and spend more time outside, there has been an upturn in the amount of individuals and families that are choosing to go fishing as an outing together. This peaceful yet exhilarating sport has long been a way for people to connect with nature and enjoy their free time (as well as have some tasty meals for later!) We love getting to be a part of your adventures, because we know that an OMEALS by the lake or on the boat is not only delicious and filling to energize you, but is also convenient and practical so you won’t have to stop what you are doing to prepare a hot meal.

Fishing Trip OMEALS Self Heating Meals

As you fish and scout for the big one, let us do the hard work of providing you with a nutritious lunch. We are perfect for those early mornings when the sun has barely even peeked out of the clouds and you are there at the crack of dawn. Our breakfast meals will fuel you up, warm you up, and make your day just a little bit better. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can assist you with your meals - for the entire crew - without you needing to put in any extra work. Simply open the package, open the heating element, add the liquid of choice, and your eating in just a few minutes.

The next fishing trip you are planning, make sure that you don’t leave the house without one of our self heating outdoor meals. We can promise that you will love the ease of getting to enjoy it without needing to pack a jetfoil or a stove - or settle for a soggy sandwich. Fisherman tell us all the time, they love the simple life, and we do too! OMEALS is ideal for those slow days on the shore and getting to really relax. With the homemade meals already cooked - all you need to do is let it heat itself.

When is your next fishing trip planned for? We cannot wait to be part of your day!