Are you prepared in the event of a cyclone?

  • 1 min read

By now, many of us have heard or seen the news about the cyclone that has ravished the state of California. Perhaps it's just me, but I did not know cyclones can hit during this time of year. I always assumed this time of year is for snow and blizzards, not cyclones. A cyclone is the same as a hurricane, their name differs depending on the area they are formed.

According to many news outlets, California is experiencing extremely high winds, thousands are without power, many areas are flooded, and structural damage has occurred to buildings. It is during these times that you start to think, what would I do in an event like this?

Being prepared is not hard and takes just a few simple items to make sure you are prepared and can survive a natural disaster. Some essential items needed are medications, emergency cash, clean water, meals ready to eat (mres), battery powered radio, first aid kit, whistle, extra clothes, flashlight, and phone. These items may vary depending on the person, however, those are overall a general list of items.