What we can learn from Blizzard Elliott

  • 1 min read

Just this past week, much of the United States experienced freezing temperatures due to Blizzard Elliott. Florida, usually the warm state, experienced lower than average temperatures, Miami temperatures were around 40 F.

Other than freezing temperatures, many travelers nationally experienced, delayed or even cancelled flights. Lots of travelers were stranded at airports, with no where to go. Some airport employees did not show up to work, due to bad weather conditions that made it unsafe to commute to work.

Here are some of the things we learned from Blizzard Elliott.

1. Just because you are not in a blizzard prone area, does not mean you cannot experience abnormal temperatures. 

2. Always be prepared for the worst, but hope for the best.

3. Make sure to have plenty of water stored, you never know when pipes can freeze or water supply may be cut due to unforeseen reasons. Ensure this water is protected from the elements, and does not freeze.

4. Having food stored for emergencies is essential. In case there is no gas or electricity, ready to eat meals are the only foods you can have that require no cooking and are ready to eat. Some ready to eat meals, come with a heater, so you can enjoy a warm meal. Store these ready to eat meals properly, this will make sure they are ready to be eaten and not frozen during time of consumption.