Why Having Proper Nutrition On Your Summer Adventures Is Essential

  • 2 min read
Summer adventures are often a time to treat yourself. Sleep in. Splurge on an exciting outing. Lounge by the pool. Stay up late with friends and family. With all of these indulgences it’s important to remember that having proper nutrition on your summer adventures is essential. One reason why it is essential to have proper nutrition on your summer adventure is so you have enough energy for all of your adventures. When you’re traveling or out on summer adventures it is often quick and easy to grab fast food or other convenient on-the-go meal options. Unfortunately, these options usually don’t provide the most nutritional value. When your body isn’t fueled by the proper nutrients, it doesn’t have the energy to complete active adventures. Instead consider fueling with healthy fruits, vegetables, fats, proteins, and carbs to maximize your energy and avoid having to sit on the sidelines. When OMEALS was created, we made a formula of homemade foods that are not only fast and easy - but delicious and nutritious! Another reason for having proper nutrition on your summer adventures is to maintain your health as you head into the busy fall season. Again, it can be tempting to just grab quick and easy options in the summer but several months of these poor nutritional habits will leave you feeling listless in the fall when school and a busy fall schedule arrive. Having proper nutrition during your summer adventures both helps you now, and it helps your future self. Summer often comes with higher temperatures and with the increase in degrees can come dehydration. However, proper nutrition and hydration can keep you enjoying your adventures all summer long. Not only is it important to drink enough water during the summer to stay properly hydrated, but it is important to consider what foods you can eat to help you stay hydrated. Consider adding water-rich fruit, such as watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, or peaches to your diet to help you stay hydrated. It can also be beneficial to avoid salty snacks in an effort to stay hydrated during the heat of the summer. Finally, proper nutrition on your summer adventures can keep you healthy and active all summer long. Proper nutrition can help you sleep better, fight off illness, and recover from any unexpected injuries. When your body is able to get enough sleep you will wake up each morning ready to take on a new day filled with adventure. When your body is able to stay illness free, then you are able to get out and be active all summer long instead of having to sit out to recover from an illness. Focusing on proper nutrition this summer will help you ensure you are able to maximize your adventure filled summer.