Back To School

  • 2 min read
It’s back to school season! Do you have a child going back to school this year? Maybe you are starting school, yourself! Whatever season of life you are currently in, this time of year generally tends to be a busy one for all. With school shopping to get done, plans to schedule, and carpool lines to wait in, who has time to figure out meals? Unfortunately, meals still need to be cooked and packed – even in the chaos of school agendas - but we have a solution for the times when you’re on the run & everyone is just plain hungry.
Back to school with OMEALS
OMEALS is not just a meal to take with you on your grand adventures. In fact, we have heard testimony from many parents & teachers who love and rave about how our self-heating meals have saved the day in their busy classrooms or homes. Since our meals are self contained & only require 3-5 oz of liquid, you can bring them just about anywhere. They are great for sports practices when you need a quick bite, picnics after school at the park, and they even make fun & educational science lessons in the classroom. Keeping some OMEALS on hand, in your bag, or in your car will mean that you will no longer have to run through the drive-thru between school pickup & football practice drop off. Trust us, you will certainly be the coolest parent on the block when the kids see these! With how delicious and hearty our meals are, they are great for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We know just how hectic this time of year can be for parents, students, and teachers alike – but we commend you for doing it all! Can we help make your mornings and evenings a little more stress-free? We sure hope so! Use code back2school to save on your next OMEALS order. Happy schooling, friends!