Enjoying OMEALS At Home During Quarantine

  • 2 min read

This time is no doubt challenging for so many people, but we hope that in the midst of this & while we await full re-openings around our country and world, that we can help to spread a little joy and excitement for you and your family. There are so many ways to enjoy the sunshine and family togetherness - even from your own yard or front porch. The great thing about OMEALS is that you can stock up on yummy meals & don’t have to worry about if you have anything else on hand - everything is provided for you, right inside the package.

OMEALS are synonymous with adventure, but have you tried making your own adventures at home? We have been inspired by so may of our fans and customers and have loved seeing how they are fulfilling that itch to travel, from their very homes.

Enjoying OMEALS At Home During Quarantine

What ways are you making fun and exploration happen? How about couch tents and movie nights, or backyard stargazing and fire pits? With our meals, you can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts - so no matter what you have planned, one of our meals will surely be complimentary! With great new flavors and an exciting way to heat your food, the whole process will be one that the entire family looks forward to.

Here are some ideas for using OMEALS to make adventure at home:

Backyard camping with our new s’mores cookie.

Morning neighborhood “hikes” with our hashbrows and oatmeal!

Lunchtime sprinkler fun and picnic spread with our yummy pasta and chicken meals.

Outdoor movie projector night with our new pizzas!

The possibilities are truly endless! How are you enjoying OMEALS!?