Giving Back In Hard Times

  • 2 min read

We know how challenging these times are in our world right now and with COVID-19 taking over so much of our daily lives, businesses, and beginning to affect our everyday lives so severely, we knew that we needed to help out in any way that we could. As an essential business, we have had the ability to stay open and provide our products to the market, however not everyone has been so lucky to be in the same position. Surrounding us in the Miami area, we have witnessed first hand small businesses needing to take a break from their shops being opened, families needing personal assistance for their kids, and so much more.

OMEALS Gives Back In Miami

When times are hard, it is important for those in a position to do so to give back in any way they can. Even the smallest gesture can start to rebuild our communities and provide a self of hope to everyone around us. At OMEALS, we are privileged to be able to keep our employees working and our products continuing to be sold in stores and online so we knew that we could offer a helping hand. On behalf of our owner, employees, and company as a whole, we have donated meals to The City of Miami, to give to those in need of a hot meal. Individuals such as first responders, doctors, and fellow families will be gifted some of our nutritious meals from the city.

OMEALS has a passion for people. It’s why we started to create the most delicious and convenient meals for the outdoor space in the first place. We know that your dreams, your adventures, and your daily lives should be full and satisfying - even in the midst of trying times. Whatever it is you are experiencing during this pandemic, we are with you in spirit and hoping the best for all four customers and friends all over the world!