How To Have A Hot Meal In Cold & Snowy Weather

  • 2 min read

Cold weather won’t ever stop us from getting exactly what we deserve: a nutritious and hot meal after a day of adventuring! Before OMEALS, there wasn’t anything quite like us. The ability to have a hot meal - as quickly as we provide - and with no additional supplies required is a game changer in the outdoor industry. There is nothing quite like being able to enjoy the food that you packed, versus just eating it because you have to. When we plan trips or excursions, we do so because it invigorates our soul - shouldn’t our food do the same?

OMEALS self heating meals

No more excuses! Even when hiking and camping in freezing cold & snowy weather, you can have a piping hot meal, without the use of a fire or a jet boil. Our process keeps your time managed efficiently and allows for less supplies cluttering up your backpack. When it’s cold, that is exactly the time you will be craving a homestyle warm meal and there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have it, right when you want it. Snow won’t stop OMEALS - in fact, even the melted snow can be used inside the package to initiate the heating element and start the reheating process. Crazy, right?

The elements are our friends & we can totally embrace them when we come prepared. You pack your gloves, hat, and jacket, so why not include your fuel that will help you get through the day with energy and satisfaction.

Which meals are your a favorite? Have you tried any of our new flavors yet?

This year, we have come out with some new exciting flavors that we know you will love:

Pepperoni Pizza

Cheese Pizza

Chicken Parm Pasta

and desserts, like S’mores Cookie, Lemon Cookie, and Molten Brownie

We know you will love them & your hiking buddies will thank you!