Gluten Free Desserts

  • 2 min read

Did somebody say dessert!? Have you heard the news? OMEALS just launched some amazing new flavors that we could not be more excited about & if you have a sweet tooth like we do, then these will be right up your alley! OMEALS has been making the tastiest and most nutritious outdoor meals on the market for years, but now we have added something special to truly sweeten up the lineup - GLUTEN FREE DESSERTS!

OMEALS Gluten Free Desserts

Imagine how great a piping hot brownie would be after a long day’s hike. We have dreamed up some delicious flavors that will make any adventure even more exquisite. We also love to be sensitive to the dietary restrictions and choices of our customers, so we have taken the initiative to make each of our desserts free of gluten. This means that even more of our fans can take part in these meals without compromise. Are you more of a chocolate lover, or maybe a marshmallow fanatic? We have something for everyone. Here are our new flavors:

S’mores Cookie

Molten Brownie

Lemon Cookie

Just like all of our breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals, our desserts are fully cooked, never dehydrated, and full of real ingredients. This means that you get the best of the best in an easy to use all in one package. Plus, no need to make a fire or wait for a stove to heat up to get a hot and steaming dessert that everyone will love. Simply add some liquid to the bag and wait for it to boil. Within minutes, you’ll have a brownie or cookie that tastes like it just came out of the oven.

Which one are you most looking forward to trying?