Happy Halloween from OMEALS

  • 1 min read
Happy Halloween OMEALS Ghouls and goblins. Witches and pirates. The team at OMEALS wishes you a safe and happy Halloween! Holidays are always a great time that go down in the memory books, with either the best recounts or some pretty hilarious stories. However your night turns out, we hope it’s memorable! You may be thinking that OMEALS are only to be pulled out for those epic adventures, but our meals are great for all kinds of activities – including busy nights, like Halloween night. Kids notoriously rush home from school, throw on their costumes, and hit the neighborhood on a hunt for as many treats as they can stuff in their bag. How much fun would it be to add an OMEALS into the yearly tradition? With the stream and the “magic” it would make for a spectacle for the kids to say the least. We love being there for you through the fun times and the busy times, the exciting times and the mundane. Sit back on your driveway with a hot meal – an OMEALS meal. Grab your cooler of drinks; your bucket of candy, your favorite flavor and your night is set. Pass a meal to your neighboring parents who are supervising their costumed little ones racing around as well. You will surely be the coolest house on the block.