Have A Hot Meal in the Cold Weather

  • 2 min read
As a company based out of Miami, we don’t have much room to talk when it comes to cold weather and snow – but we do know that many of you are already experiencing chilling temperatures! Winter is coming up faster than we can even believe, but even with the change in seasons, adventurers won’t stop. One of the cravings we hear from outdoorsy types during the chilly months is that they get really excited about a hot meal. You can imagine how after a long morning of hiking through the snow, you would love to re-energize with something piping hot. Hot OMEALS in Cold Weather OMEALS is the perfect companion on those chilly excursions. Since our meals don’t require any type of fire or even hot liquid, they are a great way to be able to carry something easily in your pack, but have a hot meal in minutes. Did you know that snow could even activate our meals? Any type of non-flammable liquid can start the heating element and get the meal started. Our meals are already fully cooked, so you only need to wait until it’s heated up to your liking and within minutes you’re eating. Our meals are home cooked hearty flavors – like chili & stew – which will make you feel like you just got it out of the slow cooker, not your backpack. We recommend OMEALS for all types of trips – whether you are simply out for the day or camping for weeks at a time. You deserve a meal that warms you up and fills you up. Save your energy on things that matter. Our meals do all the work for you, so you can have more time to take a break – like you deserve. Cleanup is a breeze and overall, you’ll get a quality nutritious meal on any adventure! Cold and hot may not generally mesh together, but when it comes to cold weather adventures and OMEALS – those two were made for each other.