Ideas For An Adventure Filled Spring Break

  • 2 min read
Road trips, mountain getaways, beach escapes. Spring break marks the beginning of the busy travel season. The weather is getting warmer and after being cooped up for the winter, people are ready to travel. Here are several ideas for an adventure filled Spring break. Ideas For An Adventure Filled Spring Break Road Trips. Grab a map and plan out an adventure filled road trip. Research off the beaten path destinations and roadside destinations to plan a fun journey. You can also choose between making the road trip the adventure or road tripping to a particular destination for your break. Either way a simple internet search will give you lots of ideas for road trips to take in your area. Save time & money by packing your own OMEALS instead of stopping to eat at restaurants along the way! Our ready to eat meals are great for any point in your journey! Off the Grid Experiences. Another option for an adventure filled spring break is to plan an off the grid experience. There are a number of companies who specialize in this type of vacation and offer you the opportunity to disconnect from your regular, busy life, and stay in technology free accommodations. Going off the grid gives you the chance to experience a number of outdoor adventures and focus on living in the moment instead of always being connected to the outside world. Staycation. If you’re not able to plan a trip to a destination you can instead plan a fun-filled local staycation. Research top attractions in your area, look into staying at local accommodations, or plan a backyard camp out. Turn off your alarms, put away the calendar and enjoy a few fun at-home adventures. This might include a scavenger hunt, splurging on food delivery you might not otherwise choose or enjoying a movie marathon. Regional, State and National Parks. Another option for creating an adventure filled spring break is to get out and explore your local Regional, State, and National Parks. Whether you go hiking, bird-watching, canoeing, or rock climbing, your local park has a number of ways you can adventure. If you plan to visit multiple parks during spring break you can research purchasing a pass that allows you to visit multiple parks in your area. Mystery Experience. Another option is to hire a company or ask a friend to plan a mystery experience for you. Give them your parameters on how long you’d like to be gone, how much money you’d like to spend and if there are any additional requirements and let them plan the trip. All you’ll have to do is pack a bag, pick up your itinerary and head out on a fun-filled adventure.