What You Should Always Have With You While Hiking

  • 2 min read
If you’re planning to head out in the great outdoors there are a few things you should always have with you while hiking. This list is designed to help keep you safe and prepared for emergency situations while you are hiking. What You Should Always Have With You While Hiking Hiking backpack.Having a sturdy hiking backpack is an excellent way to store and carry all your belongings while you hike. Find a backpack with various pockets and compartments in order to properly pack all of your belongings. First-aid kit. The first thing you’ll want to pack in your hiking backpack is a first-aid kit. Depending on the length of your hike and where you are hiking should determine what size first-aid kit you need. However, you’ll want to make sure you have a basic first-aid kit with you for any hike. Be sure to include bandages, gauze, medical tape, and tweezers. Weather-appropriate clothing. Before heading out on your hike be sure to check the weather and then dress appropriately. Depending on the forecast you may also want to consider packing an extra layer or two in your backpack. You will also want to consider the terrain of your hike to determine if you need hiking boots. Food. Be sure to bring along plenty of OMEALS on your hike. You will burn a lot of energy while hiking and will need to refuel along the way. You will also want to make sure you have an extra meal packed in case of emergency or if your hike takes longer than expected. Water.You will also want to make sure you bring along plenty of water. A good rule of thumb when deciding how much water to pack is 1 liter for every two hours you plan to hike. Bringing extra water is also advised for the same reason it’s important to bring extra snacks...in case of emergency or in case your hike takes longer than planned. Navigation tools. Bringing along a map and compass is helpful even if you have your phone along. Cell phone service doesn’t always extend to more remote areas and so having back-up navigation tools is wise. Also, take time before you head out on your hike to mark the map so you are aware of landmarks and other features along your route. Knife or multi-tool.While you are hiking you may encounter a wide number of unpredictable situations. Bringing along a knife or multi-tool leaves you prepared for any number of situations you might face while hiking.