Lack Of Gear In Stores? Why You Should Always Be Prepared

  • 2 min read
2020 was a year filled with many ups and downs, a lot of uncertainty, and a lot of worry. Hopefully it was also a year filled with many valuable lessons. During the pandemic there were a lot of products, including food, that were difficult to acquire. Some products were not just difficult to get, but sometimes virtually impossible. The lesson moving forward is that you should always be prepared because you never know when something like this could happen again. Here is a look at why you should always be prepared. It’s more a matter ofwhen events like the pandemic in 2020 or the Suez Canal shipping situation in 2021 will happen thanif events like these will happen. When events like this happen it often disrupts the supply chain and makes it difficult for stores to keep essential items in stock. This is further complicated because once people start hearing of a shortage they will often go out and buy extra creating a further shortage. Instead take time to stock up on non-perishable items while they are available so that when they become more scarce you already have what you need. The first thing to consider stocking up on is food. Unfortunately you can’t stock up on loads of fresh produce which has a short shelf life. However you don’t want to sacrifice nutrients when stocking up on food, so having shelf stable foods on hand is a way to ensure you are stocked up on food and meeting the nutrition needs of your family in case of food shortages or lack of accessibility. OMEALS are a great choice in these types of situations because we have a shelf life of 5 years when kept in a cool, dry space. You’ll also want to take inventory of your home to create a list of products that you use on a regular basis. Calculate how often you use these products and determine how much of the product you would need if you no longer had access for 3-6 months. Then consider stocking up with a 3-6 month supply to ensure you are well prepared in case of various emergencies. Be sure to date all products with an expiration date so you can replace products as needed. Stocking up on essential products and foods can help ensure you and your family aren’t negatively impacted by future shortages. Taking a similar inventory at your business and stocking up there on essential supplies and shelf stable food also helps protect your place of business from potential shortages.