Team OMEALS Spotlight: Mary Hally

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Team OMEALS Spotlight: Mary Hally

Camping, hunting, fishing. Is there anything she doesn't do? For this month's Team OMEALS Spotlight we spoke with Mary Hally all about her adventures in the outdoors as well as how she uses and incorporates OMEALS into her adventures. Whether you are also an avid adventurer or just a weekend warrior, we thought that you would love to get to know her a little better!

Team OMEALS Spotlight: Mary Hally

1. Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Mary Hally. I grew up in Washington & Idaho but moved to Montana in 2010 for college. My dad started me out at a young age to have a passion for the outdoors. It started with camping, backpacking, and fishing. As I got older I got into more outdoor activities, such as fly fishing, hunting, and archery. You can almost always find me in the middle of the river fly fishing or on the side of the mountain hiking or hunting. When I am not outdoors, I am usually cooking or spending time with my family. A few fun facts about me: I used to drag race lawnmowers in the summer, I play several instruments including the banjo, I competed in Miss Montana and Miss Montana USA, and I used to plan and manage events for non-profits and was able to raise nearly 1 million dollars.

2. How did you hear about OMEALS & why did it interest you?

I found out about OMEALS on social media. I often look up new gear and products to try to find new things for me to use. The easy use of OMEALS is what interests me. Not having to carry more equipment just for a meal was the best part. I already carry water or am near water that I can use to cook a meal. Keeping it simple and easy was huge. Plus getting a meal that actually tastes good while in the outdoors was an added bonus.

3. How have you incorporated OMEALS into your life & adventures?

I use OMEALS a few different ways in my life. I always have one in my truck for my random adventures I take or if I need a quick meal while on the go. There is always one or two in my pack when hunting or fishing. When I go backpacking or camping I always take them with me. It has made backpacking so much easier and less gear to hike into camp. Often times I am super busy with just life in general and have a late-night and need a hot meal but don't want to cook, so I often have an OMEALS. My fiance who is in the military loved having me send him some while on deployment or sending them to work with him while he is not on deployment as well.

4. What's your favorite flavor?

The Beef Stew with Vegetables is my favorite flavor! It tastes just like it has been cooking all day on the stove.

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