What Liquid Can Be Used To Heat My OMEALS?

  • 2 min read

A common question that comes to us is "what liquid can be used to heat up an OMEALS pack?" The answer may seem even easier than expected. ANY liquid. Well, any non-flammable liquid, which leaves you with almost infinite possibilities. There is not much that you cannot use to heat up your self-heating meal and enjoy a delicious homestyle breakfast, lunch, or dinner wherever you are! How is this possible? OMEALS are heated by our NXH Heating Technology, which is a non-toxic way to re-heat food in a system that is self- contained. The food itself is in a sealed package of it's own and never actually touches the liquids that are poured into the bag. This means that any liquid you have on hand can help you to cook your meal - with absolute ease!

OMEALS Self Heating Meals

Photo by: ZakStonePhotography

When we say anything, we mean it. You can use the river stream, the saltwater from outside your boat, the snow you're hiking through, or even the last few sips of your warm soda from earlier today. It doesn't have to be food grade ready or any certain temperature to work for you. The best part about OMEALS, besides their amazing taste, is just how easy it makes your adventures. Imagine never having to worry about carrying around extra clean water for cooking ever again. As long as you have access to some sort of liquid, you have a nutrient rich meal waiting for you. Once you add just 3-5 oz of that liquid, within minutes you will be eating. Our original technology helps to heat our portable meals quickly and safely.

With the endless possibilities ahead of you, your adventures just got a little bit more stress-free. Let us do the hard work of prepping & cooking. All you need to bring is an OMEALS package and you will have everything you need, even down to the silverware. Where will your next journey take you!?