A Dig Into Our Flavors

  • 2 min read

Once you've tried a few OMEALS flavors, you are sure to have a favorite one! We all do. It is always enjoyable getting to hear from each OMEALS user about what flavor is their personal favorite. We really do have something for everyone. Did you know that we have meals that are vegetarian, beef, chicken, pork, and turkey? No matter your preference, we hope that you can have a homestyle meal that fuels your adventures.

What makes our meals different than the others on the market?

For one, we are never dehydrated or freeze dried. You can expect a fully cooked and homemade style meal every time - no matter what flavor you choose. Upon picking upo a package, you can feel the difference. Our meals are packaged in such a way that the flavors stay locked in and the meal stays fresh - without having to compromise on texture or nutritional value.

OMEALS Flavors

Are you more of a breakfast lover? We have flavors for you as well! Some fan favorites are the Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal and the Hashbrown Potatoes. You've never had a quicker and easier hot breakfast on the trail before. OMEALS is powered by NXH Heating Technology. Tested and certified non-toxic, with no foul odor and safe to use in confined spaces.The ability to have flavor like this with such accessibility is our specialty!

FLAVOR. FLAVOR. FLAVOR. Unlike, a lot of outdoor camping meals who simply focus on connivence or lightweight packaging, we have been able to create a product that does it all - without loosing the best thing about eating... GOOD tasty food! OMEALS are the perfect option for anyone looking to have a tasty hot meal, without needing all the extra supplies.