Need A Quick Meal? Here's Why OMEALS Is Great For Everyone!

  • 2 min read

We definitely pride ourselves on being the best adventure meal on the market, but that's not all that we are. More and more, people are realizing just how convenient our self-heating meals are for all different areas of their life. We hear it consistently - a customer who has used our meals on a camping trip or fishing trip, starts to take them along with them to work or travel. OMEALS are not like your traditional camping meal. Each & every pack is homestyle goodness, with real ingredients. Put together in a lightweight package that is easy to store, carry, and heat up.

OMEALS Self Heating Meals

Just like some of our other avid customers, you may start to think about all the ways that OMEALS can make your life easier - even beyond your adventure days! Think about those car pool days, or sports practices that go way past dinner time. Consider the road trips and after school playdates & all the times when the squished granola bar in your bag just won't cut it. You deserve the ability to get a good, hot meal in - wherever you may be!

Our meals are great for storing as well. Keeping one in a diaper bag or a backpack or your truck is a great idea because you can use them in your times of hunger for up to 5 years. You never know when you might need one & when you remember you have it, you'll be grateful! With our various flavors, OMEALS are really great for the whole family - old or young, big or small. Kid favorites like Oatmeal & Spaghetti are fun options to have around for those hangry kiddos. Keep some Turkey Chili or Southwest Chicken on hand so that even your emergency meals are as delicious as can be.

When do you enjoy your OMEALS? We love to hear from you about your experience!